Rare ownership opportunity

SYLPHE, a 60 foot full longkeeler has had 7 owners in her life time. The last 2 owners each held on to her for 20+ years. So, this is only the second time she becomes available on the market in almost 50 years. That says something about the boat, about the possibilities, about her seaworthiness and about her comfort. She is big enough to spend prolonged periods of time on board. The present owner spends (at least) 7 months EVERY year onboard and has friends, kids and family onboard for weeks/months in a row. And he does not like marinas, he likes to be out at anchor in full freedom, but in all comfort. So, Sylphe is fitted out for exactly that: with water maker, autopilot, BBQ, converters, inverters, remote anchor windlass, you name it.

She is a head-turner where ever she goes. She is stunning and a beautifull example of a boat of the good old days.

And at 60 foot she may seem a big boat to handle. But still, she is additionally equipped and small enough to be handled by one person, even the sailing, the anchoring or the docking in ports. The longest single-handed sailing that SYLPHE did with her owner was from Malta to Dubrovnik…non-stop. 72 hours under sail. Modern electronics help to have a little sleep along the way, including a modern autopilot that even steers on the wind angle. So, one does not have to fear a crash gybe. It is all there for your convenience… ….and it is not in sight or directly visible. So, no radar dome in the mast, as it would ruin her looks. She remains truly original on the outside.

Throughout the last 20 years she has always been upgraded by the owner himself. A new deadwood in the rear, a few planks of the hull replaced (turned out it was not necessary, but that aside), the varnish, etc. The electrics and electronics are up-to-date. The Nespresso machine always works………