the future, a personal note

So, SYLPHE is capable of doing it all. Having sailed around for the last 80 years; racing, cruising, at anchor, finding new horizons and destinations. Good and bad weather. She has proven it over and over again for the last 80 years. Been there, seen it and done it…has been the owner’s slogan for the last 20 years on Sylphe. SYLPHE has been fitted out with all the essentials and a few more for our spoiled modern lives and extended living onboard. Making miles, discovering new places, making new friends, etc. That was her life-style for the last 20 years. Along the way adding a few more stories to her already rich history.

And if the new owner wants her for the Classic Races and the prestige, that is all irrelevant. After all, she easily fits right in with the rest of the fleet and she can handle that as well. Andre Mauric made sure of that.

One thing is for sure: Classic Yachts fall into 2 categories: Too small to live onboard OR too big to enjoy just with your family/friends. SYLPHE fills that specific gap. No crew needed, so no intrusion on your privacy. Stunning lines and a decent size yacht allow you to fully taste the sensation of owning and being the real Master and Commander of a classic and historical sailyacht.

Her future completely depends on the new owner. But remember:

“A yacht of this era and history: We don’t own it, we are just…….. curators”.